Sunday, January 29, 2012

Row Robin FUN !

Here's the last of the row robins that will be finished and on display at the Circle of Friends Retreat in Branson!  These are fun and creative, and interesting to see what the quilters are in to for their choices of quilts ... it's been challenging AND fun for us all!


Mountain Laurel



SD Granny

Shauna's Crafty Quilter




TX Wildflower

Friday, January 20, 2012

More Robins ... More Eye Candy !

Here's some MORE beauties that are entered in the Row Robin now going on ... I can't WAIT to see the finished tops and surprise each of the quilters with their quilts ... will be SO SO SEW very beautiful !  Hope you enjoy !

DJ Brown

DJ Brown

Fishing Widow

Lisa P8

Lake Quilter

Headie Lamar

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's time for the ROW ROBIN FUN !!!

We're lining up MORE FUN for the retreat ... Have you ever heard of a ROW ROBIN ??? We've heard of singing robins, round robins, even batman's friend robin ... but we're gonna mix it up a little bit and have a ROW ROBIN

Have you seen the post on the HGTV Quilting Message Board for the ROW ROBIN ???  It is well under way now, and the second round of posting is in progress, but ONLY the first row can be shown. 

We will run 2 different row robins; a throw/lap size (approx 48” by 64”) and a small wall hanging size (approx 24” by 28 +/- inches). We have 4 groups of 7 people for the lap size and for the wall hanging size, 2 groups of 6 people.  Rows can be pieced, paper-pieced or appliquéd~ no raw edges on the appliqué and no heavy fusibles.

It started out that each participant will make their own center row, and will be bordered on the top and bottom with a 2" sashing piece for lap size, and 1" for wall hanging.  We also had to include enough sashing strips to finish the row robin to be added by each participant.


~For the 48” (throw/lap size) quilt the center strip will be a 12” (FINISHED SIZE) row composed of blocks of the makers choosing.
~For the 24” quilt, the center row will be a 6” (FINISHED SIZE) row.

We could also include any other fabric we wanted to be used in every row, and a notebook for the next person to jot their thoughts.


Each row will be a different size, with  detailed instructions for the size and placement of each row.   At the end of the robin, each quilt will be mailed to the Circle of Friends Retreat in Branson (via SavedSinnr), and then unveiled at the retreat.    Doesn't that sound like fun?

At the North Carolina Retreat last April, hostess Quiltaholic did a round robin and unveiled them in the large meeting room... all the quilts were hanging around the room above the tables, and walking in, it just took your breath away.  It was SO VERY BEAUTIFUL and really gave a GREAT atmosphere to our retreat.  I was amazed at the beauty of them all, and how 5 people could take 1 person's idea and make it so complete in the quilts.  They really were beautiful, and I don't know how many laps around the room I took just checking them all out!

So I've put a few pics of the FIRST rows in here ... and no more pics will be published after the first row ... but when the unveiling happens in Branson, you can bet there will be some gorgeous pics included!  And stay tuned ... I'll keep adding "first row" pics as the year progresses ... wouldn't want ya'll to faint from the overload of beauty!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year Brings LOTS of Happenings!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  I am so thankful 2012 is here!  This year will bring lots of fun, frolic and friendships to the 2012 Circle of Friends Retreat in Branson!!!

This month is when all the juggling for registration ends ... you MUST have your registration fees in by January 31st for you to be able to come have fun with us in Branson... and we would SURE hate for anyone to miss out on the fun! 

Also along with that, I have a renewed sense of getting the word out... so look for more updates and info as time passes on ... so let's recap about last year and what's happened so far.

Registration has started for Circle of Friends ... it's the 6th annual, you know :)  If you are called up from the waiting list, go to the REGISTRATION tab to get your sign up form!

The hotel has been set, and quilters are making arrangements for their stay.  We will be staying at the beautiful Thousand Hills Resort.  It's just off the heart of the Branson strip, down by Andy Williams Moon River Theatre.  There are plenty of restaurants around, lots of shopping you can walk to, many entertainment theatres just up the road, and lots of fun to be had!  If you haven't made your hotel arrangements yet, go to the LODGING tab on how to do that!

For those of you driving to the retreat, go to the TRAVEL tab to see a chart on mileage and how far it is to Branson from where you live!  Many gals are teaming up to ride together for a fun trip across the country! :)

If flying is your choice, the airlines that service this area should be putting out their schedules for September real soon... so keep your eyes open for that!  The airlines into Branson have opened up more flight availability from different cities so I'll be posting more info as it gets here!

Have you sent off for your BRANSON INFO PACKET YET ?  The good folks over at the Branson Chamber and Visitors Bureau put this together every year, and it's filled with all the info you may want to know about and do while you're in Branson!  You can find it at and they will mail it to you for free!

We look FORWARD to meeting up with all y'all in Branson next September!!!  IF you have any problems or concerns, about registration for the retreat, please leave me a message with your email, and I will get back with you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!  THIS is the year of the 6th Annual HGTV CIRCLE OF FRIENDS RETREAT ... bringing it home to Branson!

I'm a member of the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild

I'm a member of the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild

Branson Scenery

Branson Scenery
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