Wednesday, May 16, 2012


QUILTERS AND QUILTING FRIENDS are the MOST generous of souls ... I say that all the time.  If there's a need, they step up and help!  The gals I know from the HGTV Quilting Forum are great examples of that generosity!  In times of floods, fires, tornados, earthquakes, sickness, family tragedy, grief or just sadness at how rough life can be sometimes ... they LOVE to make quilts for their friends, or those needing the snuggle of a quilt for friends that haven't met (or may never meet).  I know in my own experience, I've seen cyber friends who have gone through great trials of sicknesses... whether it was from surgeries, cancer, cancer treatments, or other health concerns, quilters have stepped up to make them a quilt.  When the tornado ravaged Joplin, I was sent over 5 dozen quilts to be delivered ... along with over 8 dozen pillow cases, the pretty designer kind that quilters make!  When a quilter's brother lost his home and all his belongings, quilts were made for him to replace the one's his grandma had left for him.  

Then there's the quilts for our heroes ... those who put their lives on the line everyday... from firemen, police and our very brave service men and women.  These quilters have contributed COUNTLESS quilts for soldiers overseas and in hospitals.  Some quilters make the whole quilt from beginning to end.  Some quilters take on the task of assembling quilt blocks that others sew.  Some other ones do the actual quilting and binding.  It's a joint effort, a labor of love, and a drive of being needed and being able to provide something that will give someone so much pleasure, while satisfying that creative need and desire that each quilter has.

I haven't met too many selfish quilters... actually, none that I can think of.  Either they share in their skills and experience, or they share in their stash, tools and books.  They love to take new quilters "under their wings" and help them through the journey of finding their own niche in this fun lifestyle.

And when we are putting together a retreat such as this size, there are MANY FOLKS AND BUSINESSES WHO GENEROUSLY DONATE GIFTS AND PRIZES FOR OUR FUN!  On the right side of this blog, there are buttons of generous friends who have donated to our fun of receiving gifts and prizes!  Many of them are online businesses, and if you CLICK on the picture, it will take you to their website.  It's ALWAYS fun to shop, whether you are in person or online, so take a little time to check out these businesses and let them know how appreciative we are that they care to help us out with fun prizes!

And if you do wind up ordering something, please tell them you found them on the Circle of Friends blog!  And keep your eyes open for new links added all the time!

Yes ... quilters and their friends are the most generous of souls.... How has quilting (either receiving or giving) affected your life?  We would love to hear your story!

I'm a member of the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild

I'm a member of the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild

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