Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quilters and Stash !!!

Quilters go to great lengths to acquire and build their stash ... some have small stashes, because they like it that way, or because of storage restrictions.  And some have complete rooms full that would rival most fabric stores.  And they go to extreme measures in obtaining their stash and keeping it "their little secret".  Some husbands just don't understand our NEED for stash... it's like their tool collection, or miniature toys or whatever else they collect ... for my DHubby, it's fishin poles and equipment.  And I, being the understanding wife, totally cooperate with his needing to build his collection ... I'm a giver like that !  And over the years, he has learned to accept my need for stash, and sometimes I see this bewildered look in his eyes like "how did she get so much... and HOW does she fit it all in here?"

Well, we quilters get very creative in how we don't flaunt our purchases in front of our hubby's... some (I won't mention my name), has been known to put it in grocery bags and bring it in with the food.  And I just kinda take a little side trip to the sewing room to drop it off before hitting the kitchen!  He knows when I go for some "retail therapy", and that's all well and good.  He never says a thing... but I just don't want him to know how MUCH therapy I really need :)

When my daughter & Precious moved out of our home, at first I was bummed... then I saw a sewing room!  then somehow my stash took over the room, and I was forced to then move my stash into my guest room so I would have enough room to sew.  Then we remodeled our home for my mom to move in, and our bedroom got moved into the finished basement, and mom took over the master bedroom.

When she left to move back to Calif, I was kinda bummed ... but then I saw a BIGGER sewing room!  AND it (for now) handles my stash !  So my guest room is again a guest room, my old room became my office, and the master bedroom of the house with the huge walk in closet now houses my stash and equipment.  I decided I was wasting the bathtub, so I put a piece of plywood across it, and house tubs of my kona fabrics and storage supplies.

I am indeed a blessed woman... Steve keeps wondering why I didn't just take over the whole bottom of the house ... because I like windows and I like looking out at the birdies and the flowers ... but honey, your man cave would fit a long arm just perfect!

How do YOU house your stash?  How do you obtain it?  How do you get it in the house?  LET'S TALK STASH!  And then there's the friends who try to raid it ! 


shawkl said...

When I was married, my stash was housed in my 2-car garage converted sewing room...mostly in a German Shrunk (wall unit) and a 8ft tall by 15ft long series of shelfs. I loved handling in my fabric every day. After the divorce, and the downsizing to a smaller house, then an apartment, then a smaller apartment, and now this tiny apartment...I stored it in my 8ft tall by 12 ft series of shelves. After starting crazy quilting...I use a cedar chest...several boxes under my bed...and about 3ft of that original 12 ft of shelves. The other 6 ft are not filled with beads and such for crazy quilting! What doesn't fit in these shelves sits in plastic drawers, hat boxes, baskets, totes...and boxes. So, basically...I live in a storage building! But, I'm happy here!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rainbow and I where just trying to lessen the load on those shelves!! Remember we are innocent...

mcpatches said...

A few years back, my stash was in a 3 drawer plastic storage unit that fit under the open arm of my sewing table. That and a box in the trunk of my car. Now its taken over 1 closet in our house and some is sitting on the floor in my sewing room. Blame my husband. He regularly checks Craigs List for fabric and when he goes to garage sales, he always asks for sewing stuff. OH, forgot to mention I have 3-4 file boxes of garment fabric in the basement. Should really sell or donate since I doubt I'll ever sew clothes again. Quilting is too much fun!

katiemedarlin said...

I have worked really hard to use up some of my stash. I've found that when I hold onto fabric - by the time I get around to using it, I don't like it anymore!!

Right now, my quilting stash is in three plastic containers. Not bad, huh?

Now, the CQ stash is growing by leaps & bounds.

I'm a member of the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild

I'm a member of the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild

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