Monday, July 18, 2011

WoW! What a SIGN-UP !!!

Woo Hoo ~~~ Friday the registration opened for the 6th Annual HGTV Quilting Message Board "Circle of Friends" Retreat ... This next one will be held in Branson Missouri !!!  My kinda town!

The anticipation was intense :)  All sorts of people were asking "what time are you gonna post the registration"?  Well I just kept telling them the same thing ... have you looked at the blog ... and sure enough, the little tired chick really couldn't go to sleep before getting it opened and going.  Apparently ALOT of quilters know when that chicken gets up ... or how the "early bird" catches the worm !

It was somewhat of a challenge, because I had to go to Kansas for my hubby's 36th annual family reunion ... THE BIG "M" !  This has been happening for generations, and is always well attended... even when it was 112 degrees!  Nothing says HOT like Kansas in July !  But we also had a chance to visit with his parents, which was much needed ...

Y'all have such an AWESOME committee working behind the scenes to make sure this all goes well ... I just wanna say THANKS TO Crazy'boutQuilts and DJBrown for helping in making sure all the posts were up on time while I was looking for a place with wi-fi ... and McDonald's didn't open until morning!  It was nice to have a plan in place and know that everything would be cared for if I was computer lacking...  THANK YOU GALS for covering my tail feathers and having a GREAT kick-off to the fun upcoming in Branson!

We had spaces open for 60 retreaters, and that was besides the committee.  The 60 was filled up before noon on Friday, and there is a waiting list for those wanting to come.  SO let's see what happens ... it has been experienced in past retreats that about 20% change their minds, or life happens...

The DEADLINE for retreat registration forms and deposit to be turned in is September 30th.  Those that don't get them turned in on time will be moved to the waiting list ... PLEASE mark your calendars with the deadlines we've made, cause I'm not one for babysitting, and y'all will miss out ... and WE WANT YOU ALL THERE !  The remaining retreat fee is due by January 31st, 2012 !!!  Check the registration forms on where to mail them :) 

SO IF YOU ARE ON THE WAITING LIST ... please be patient cause I'm sure things will change, and it might just be YOUR turn to get "movin on up"!

If you want to see who's on the list, or maybe you're interested in attending and being put on the waiting list, please go over to the REGISTRATION NOW OPEN at the top left of this page, and click on the "Message Board List" link... it'll take you right to where you need to go !

And for travel or registration info on HOW to get registered, just look at the TABS at the top of this post ... everything you will need to know about the retreat will be here on the blog, BUT WILL ALWAYS BE ON THE MESSAGE BOARD FIRST!  
This blog is just an organized way to share the info ... but please always remember to look on the message board for the latest and greatest info on the 2012 Circle of Friends Retreat in Branson.

Come join us in Branson ... you too could have a sunrise like this ... what FUN we will have !

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I'm a member of the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild

I'm a member of the Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild

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Branson Scenery
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